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For the past 22 years in her practice, Sylvia has found that while insight can bring about understanding, the effectiveness of the Psychodynamic approach is doubled when the Treatment Plan is enhanced by the use of other therapeutic methods, facilitating an Integrative Approach to a solution that is specific to that client.

Integrative Therapy means what it says, integrating a number of different therapeutic methods which do not theoretically oppose each other but do, methodologically, collaborate to offer a broader and more in- depth enquiry with regard to the problem(s) being experienced by the client. It therefore offers a wider range of options when the therapist and client are planning the way forward.

In her private practice, working with individuals and groups, Sylvia facilitates Mindfulness Meditation to help people manage themselves and their lives differently.

Often people who suffer from anxiety and automatic negative thoughts find it helpful to learn how to quiet their mind by using its ability to develop purposeful present-moment thinking, particularly with a 4-point Structured Approach which considers:

  1. Problem
  2. Cause
  3. Prognosis
  4. Remedy

Mindfulness focuses on 5 areas to develop for a healthier way to live, namely:

  1. Reverence for life
  2. Generosity
  3. Sexual responsibility
  4. Deep listening and loving speech
  5. Mindful conversation

If you are interested in joining a group (limited to just 8 people), or in learning more, please send Sylvia an email (psychotherapy@sylviamilton.com).

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