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Sylvia is a very experienced broadcaster and started her media journey by speaking on behalf of the Samaritans on Jeremy Beadle’s phone-in on LBC Radio. She was also a Guest Speaker for Samaritans on the then Thames TV Social Action Broadcasting programme, “HELP”.

Sylvia presented her own two-hour phone-in programme on LBC Radio (now London’s Biggest Conversation), five nights a week, from 8 till 10 p.m., dealing with personal, sexual, emotional and workplace problems.

For some eight years, she was also the guest counsellor on LBC Radio with top presenters such as Steve Allen, Clive Bull, Robbie Vincent, David Luddy and others. She attracted a considerable following of listeners who rang in with their problems, and thousands who tuned in to hear her distinctive voice and sound advice.

In the days of Live TV’s Sex Show, Sylvia was the regular weekly Sex and Relationship Therapist, answering sex and relationship problems on air.

Sylvia has also been a specialist guest on numerous live TV programmes including Central Weekend’s Talk Show, Kilroy, The Time & Place, Thames TV Help Programme.

Sylvia also worked as a Volunteer off-air, fielding calls for Capital Radio’s “Anna and the Doc” phone in, and stood in for Anna Raeburn on Talk Radio and for Dr Pam Spurr on LBC Radio. In addition, she was Counselling Consultant off-air for Carlton TV’s “When a Woman Kills Her Man”, and Thames TV’s “A Problem Aired”.

Sylvia has appeared on:

  • LBC Radio: Presented 2- hour phone-in, 5 nights a week
  • LBC Radio: Weekly on-air Guest Counsellor 8 years
  • Live TV: Weekly on-air Guest Psychosexual Counsellor
  • Talk Radio On-air Guest Counsellor
  • Central Weekend Talk Show. On-air specialist Guest Therapist
  • BBC TV: Kilroy. On-air specialist Guest Therapist
  • Living: Michael Cole. On- air specialist Guest Therapist
  • Thames TV: A Problem Aired. Off-air Counselling Advisor
  • Carlton TV: When a Woman Kills Her Man. Off-air Consultant

Hi there! I’m Sylvia.

I’ll see you always get outstanding service

I’ll see you’re cared for and feel supported

I’ll see you get the best choice of treatment

I’ll see that your appointments are, as far as possible, at times when you want them

I’ll see that you are totally satisfied with the service delivered

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